To prepare financial documentation to answer to the demand of the stock market is a complex task, therefore experience and qualification of professionals are fundamental requirements in the choice of a service provider in this segment.

To supply these demands and fulfill the deadlines required by the financial market, Power Financial counts with a 24/7 bilingual and specialized team in the financial printing area for customer service and for the development of financial documents.

Power Financial has proper physic and technological structure to answer to the publication of financial documents with agility, safety and quality that the broadcasting company demands for the operation on the stock market to be successful with the accredited organs.

You can count on our efficiency and differentiated services:

  • Bilingual customer service
  • Sophisticated publishing platform
  • Custom configuration of style guides
  • Standardization of Reference Forms
  • Conversion of documents in Portuguese and English
  • Agility and safety in changes of content
  • Quality control in the entire process
  • Electronic proofing
  • 24/7 Availability