The comparative advantages of Power Financial were essential to become the leader in the market and a reference in the operation areas.


Power Financial, recognizing that companies issuing shares and securities are dissatisfied with the costs of those companies that provide financial printing services, has developed an operational structure which is very competitive and qualified to meet the demands of the capital markets with maximum efficiency and low costs.

The professional experience and specialization of the operations managers and typesetters, the use of its own printing facilities and a division of the company specializing in logistics, Power Logistics, afford a more efficient structure that benefits optimization while reducing costs in the production process. 


The Power Group has three of its own printing units, ensuring that financial prospectuses are printed quickly, minimizing the operational risk of not fulfillment of the deadlines established for delivering the documents to clients, banks and lawyers. 


The Power Financial team is vastly experienced in the financial printing segment, having participated in converting files for printing in the principal funding transaction of Brazilian companies on the financial market.

Our team training and know-how acquired in this market enables the company to attain the best operating performance while reducing costs to make the company even more competitive.


The teams in the Power Financial official are always committed and aware of the deadlines where filing with the Anbima-SP and the CVM-RJ is concerned.

In order to avoid the risk of failing to comply with filing requirements, Power Financial constantly invests in equipment at its offices in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, so that the printed proofs are delivered to the regulatory bodies with maximum efficiency and to increasingly tight deadlines, so as to satisfy lawyers and banks.

In addition to these investments, the two units are strategically located 3 kilometers from the Anbima in São Paulo, and 1.8 Km from the CVM in Rio de Janeiro, thus minimizing the time required between producing the proofs and delivery at the filing locations. 


Having detected the severity and requirement of the market in regard to delivery deadlines on prospectuses and proofs, Power Financial created Power Logistics to be responsible for the activities involving the logistics and distribution of the prospectuses.

Investments in its own modern fleet, a team specializing in planning the distribution of prospectuses and the logistics development program ensure the transparency required for rapid delivery.