Power Financial is a company dedicated to providing services in the capital markets by printing prospectuses, development of financial documents, physical and eletronic protocols with regulatory bodies. Our intention is to provide an excellent navigation on our site, so we need to process some personal data.

We act as data controllers and we are subject to the provisions of the General Law of Data Protection.

1- What are cookies and why do we collect this data:

We at Power Financial collet, cookies information on our website, in order to allow a more eficiente and pleasant navigation. Cookies are used to remember user preferences and settings from transferring small files to the browser or device, which allow you to better understand how the user interacts with our platform.

From the information collected with cookies, we will have the opportunity to identify the device or browser IP, date and time of access, geographic location, source of reference, browser type, and duration of visit to our website.

The personal data collected will be used to fulfill a legal obligation, as well as improve the user experience on our website, to identify locality and thus the site be adapted to the holder’s language of origin (Portuguese, English or Spanish).

Remember that the user can block the use of cookies. When accessing our website, Power Financial will ask for consent to the use of cookies.

Power Financial advises that our website should only be used by people over the age of eighteen years old. We do not recommend use by children and adolescents.

2- What information may be collected and processed about me?

Power Financial will collect data and information for the use of cookies, which will give access to the IP, device or browser, date and time of access, location geographic, referring source, browser type, and duration of visit to our website.

On our website there is no identification of personal data collection, such as name and CPF, being just an informational platform and without the use of registration or any request for personal data.

Power Financial uses the Whatsapp icon for direct contact with a representative of company. By clicking on the icon, Power Financial does not collect data such as name and phone number, it just directs the user to the Power Financial contact.

If there is a request for personal data on our website, it must be informed immediately to Power Financial, through our communication channel, in order to investigate eventual instability of the platform or invasion not granted.

The purpose of using cookies is to adapt the site to the user’s region, to identify the language and translation of the site into Portuguese, English or Spanish, improving the user navigation. 

3- How long will my data be stored and what measures security exist?

Power Financial retains user data for the duration of the experience of this on our platform, then they can be removed or stored in our basis to identify the holder’s preferences when accessing the platform again.

However, once the storage periods for the collected data have expired, it will be removed from our database.

The collected data is stored by Power Financial and is not transmitted to third parties, for the sole purpose of user experience on the site. It can be transmitted to third parties only to comply with a legal or regulatory order, or to comply with an order issued by a public authority.

The user has the choice to remove the use of cookies immediately after granting his use and navigation on our website, through your own browser settings or device.

Power Financial does not retain personal or sensitive data, or any data not authorized by the user, except for data collected to fulfill obligations and legal requirements by the General Data Protection Act.

4- Is user consent necessary?

The processing and storage of data will only be collected with the consent of the user by accepting our cookie policy and privacy term.

The consent will be obtained in a specific way, from a “pop up” that will appear on the browser screen or user device, questioning acceptance of the term of privacy and cookie policy adopted by Power Financial for site navigation.

The user will be able to choose whether to “accept” or “not” the cookies policy and privacy term. With the consent, persnal data from cookie information will be collected, already specified in item 1.

If there is no consent, the data will not be collected, processed or stored. At any time, the user may request the deletion of their data from our database or, perform the deletion through your browser settings.

5- What are the user’s legal rights?

The user who accesses the Power Financial platform will have their rights guaranteed, pursuant to article 18 of the General Data Protection Law, and may require any time:

  1. To confirm the existence of data processing;
  2. Access, limit and correct your data;
  3. Request the portability of your data, delete your processed data or revoke the
  4. your consent;
  5. Inform yourself about the possibility of not providing your consent and about the consequences of denial

6- Is there a communication channel?

Power Financial indicates the contact:

Phone: +55 (21) 3212-0255

Responsible – DPO: Rodrigo Pinheiro

7- How and when may this Policy change?

Power Financial always seeks to improve the security and browsing experience of users on our platform and, as a result, this policy may be updated periodic. In case of change, you will be informed to make a new consent.

This policy was written on February 7, 2022. (Last updated).